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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another week - another dust storm - Amarillo April 29, 2014

The dust storms are becoming more frequent here in Amarillo and more intense. Yesterday was the worst yet.

What started out as a beautiful spring day gave way to a wall of dirt that came in on leading edge of a cold front.

It was a nasty day, high winds and grit. You could feel it on your teeth and in your nose. My aching lungs feel like they've been sandblasted.

Once the front past, the dirt hung in the air for hours, coating everything. I spent over an hour sweeping my back porch this morning and will spend many more dusting the inside of the house - everything is coated.

Praying for rain to wash the dirt off of everything, but none is forecast.

-Steve Douglass

(C) Steve Douglass 

(C)Steve Douglass 

(C) Steve Douglass 

(C) Steve Douglass 

(C) Steve Douglass 

(C) Steve Douglass 

Steve Douglass

(C) Steve Douglass 

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